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  • Timeline

    Never miss a photo again! From your Flickr's contact list you choose whose artwork you're interested in and they show up in a beautiful timeline.

  • Photo statistics

    You can view detailed information about a photo, such as number of views, comments, favorites and EXIF data instantly, even if you're not following that photographer yet.

  • Full screen view

    FlickrBoard allows you to view all of your timeline's photos in a clean fullscreen detailed view, all very fast and intuitive.

  • Comments

    Choose photos which comments you wish to follow and have them update regularly in a dedicated timeline.

  • Your photos

    If you're an addicted Flickr user, you can keep track of your photos statistics, comments and favorite counts in seconds!

  • Sharing

    FlickrBoard allows you to share your photos or from your followees from within the app through your Twitter, Facebook or e-mail account.

  • "FlickrBoard is the simplest Flickr client app out there that allows me get updated in as fast as 15 seconds with the new photos from my contacts."

    Pedro Pinheiro, photography enthusiast

  • "I love to keep track of all the great photographers in the Flickr community, and FlickrBoard is the best way to do that!"

    Luis Amaral, photography enthusiast

  • "I've reviewed a lot apps during the last years and FlickrBoard is one of the simplest and coolest Flickr client app out there."

    Bruno Ramalho, blogger at Apps do iPhone

  • "FlickBoard is the only app of its kind in the App Store, fast, simple and fun to use."

    Carlos Martins, blogger at Aberto Até de Madrugada

  • "Flickrboard has to be one of the best Flickr clients in the app store..." scored 8/10.


  • "FlickrBoard Will Turn Your Tired Old Flickr Account Into A Social Photo Phenomenon"

    Lory Gil, appadvice

  • "The application provides a slick Flipboard like framework for the site, allowing you to flick through what your friends are doing in an absolutely stunning interface."

    Luke Patrick, the iPhone APP Review

  • Brazilian blog "[…] this is how Flickr for iOS should be!" (in portuguese)

  • Portuguese blog "[…] gives Flickr a new life and transforms it into a more social experience." (in portuguese)

  • Portuguese blog "[…] overs unique features not seen in other apps on the App Store" (in portuguese)

  • Portuguese blog "[…] it shows an user interface created with care and work, […] do not miss this fantastic app." (in portuguese)

FlickrBoard v1.0.3 (October 1st)
- Added support for iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5
- Viewing a photo in fullscreen on the main timeline marks the photo as read
- Some performance improvements.
The next update will include some interesting new features. Stay tuned!

FlickrBoard v1.0.2 (July 10th)
Following improvements were included in this update:
- Facebook sharing functionality;
- mark all photos viewed from the main timeline;
- toggle between unviewed/all photos on the main timeline;
- improved automatic mark-comment-as-read feature when viewing comments;
- in the detail view of a photo, slide it down to uncover the photo, slide all the way down to view it in full screen;
- a new Flickr activity measurement algorithm has been implemented, so you can know before following a photographer how addicted his is to Flickr;
- other small speed and user interface improvements.

FlickrBoard v1.0.1 (June 9th)
Corrects issues when logging in with a Google or Facebook account, minor bug fixes and speed improvement.

FlickrBoard v1.0 (May 31st)
First release!


We love what we do, and because there is a lot of passion built into this app, there may be some bugs here and there. If you feel you get a constant annoying error or the app is not working as it should be, we want to fix it for you! Drop us a line at We really want this ti be the best mobile Flickr experience out there.

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